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Thread: Chanalyzer 4 topographic view question

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    Default Chanalyzer 4 topographic view question

    Could another user share how to start the Chanalyzer 4 topographic view display? Aside from the line drawings showing the wifi networks my Wi Spy 2.4x can see, it is usually empty. (The topo section displays fine for me in both Chanalyzer 3.4 and Lite.) However, I can't seem to find the button or command to start that display in version 4. From time to time it has displayed topo information, but truthfully I can not determine any reproducible series of clicks or commands that made it happen.

    Also, any insight you can share on which of these 3 versions you prefer would be appreciated. New user, here.


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    Hi Scott,

    I would shorten the time frame to 1 or 2 minutes. Associate to one of the APs and start a download.

    In the days of Chanalyzer 3 we had a sliding scale for what is shown as dense activity. It was only useful in seeing a density map of little to no activity.

    But this made comparing density graphs extremely difficult. Comparing the reds of one map to another never ended up as equal, even though they were being displayed equally.

    Now Chanalyzer 4 will show activity when there is a lot of it, and show very little activity when there is very little activity.

    You can verify this by creating activity by downloading or uploading... Try turning on a microwave even. I hope that will help you see how the changes are a little bit more useful in troubleshooting Wi-Fi in CHanalyzer 4.


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