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Thread: User definable amplitude limits on Time Graph

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    Default User definable amplitude limits on Time Graph


    Based on my experience using inSSIDer; i have never
    seen a signal stronger than -40dB or weaker than about -80dB;
    so a amplitude range of -15dB to -100dB results in a 'compressed'
    graph where the action is and a lot of wasted black space on the screen.

    so my request is simply - please allow the user to set/modify the maximum
    and minimum amplitude values so we can use our screens more efficiently and
    get bigger clearer graphs.


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    We are planning to have a preferences window so you can change graph limits, minimum scan time, gpx auto-save frequency, etc.

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    while the solution is ingenius, user-prefrences for concerns raised, I must objectto this fact..

    MY RSSI , which is excellent, has a value of minus 36, and that hovers. i.e. from 33 to 40 .... on the other hand, i have seen many -100- defined as "cant get any worse than this" reading. so I can live with -15 to -100.. but others can't.
    MY beef is this : I have no lat/long/GPS realted information i need to see- so can i have a NOT-A-GPS-CAPABLE user setting, so that all GPS info is NOT displayed. see - everyone has a different problem. ours is WE NEED customizable settings by user option.

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    Hi ssid21,

    You can switch off the latitude and logtitude collumns easily.

    Just right-click on the header line " MAC Address SSID ...." and you'll get a dropdown box - just untick the collumns you don't want - unfortunately this setting does not 'stick' so next time you invoke inSSIDer it will come back to default

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