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Thread: Unknown Signal, between 2.462 and 2.476 GHz, 1 Mhz comb

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    Default Unknown Signal, between 2.462 and 2.476 GHz, 1 Mhz comb

    Today I was scanning my 2.4 GHz neighbourhood and came across a very interesting signal. Unfortunately I have no idea what it could be. It a continuous low power signal between 2.462 and 2.476 GHz.

    It is definitely not coming from my computer as it's strength varies with position. Has anyone seen something like this before?

    I have attached a Chanalyzer 4 file.
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    I have seen a few wireless audio devices that look like this. Do you have any wireless audio devices in the area? Thanks for the recording! Great capture!

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    thanks for the reply. The signal is coming from my neighbour, so I don't really know if s/he is using any remote audio equipment, but with your hint I shall investigate further especially regarding the time of day.

    I will take some measurements tomorrow and report back.

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    I think you were dead-on with that idea. I checked the last couple of days and the signal comes on and off quite randomly during the evening hours. Thanks a lot for your help.


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