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Thread: Need to see my old chanalyzer recording

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    Default Need to see my old chanalyzer recording

    A year ago I made a recording at my location and I need to view it now. Unfortunately chanalyzer light won't open it and it is requesting chanalyzer 2.

    Is there anyway I can email it to metageek and have them open it? I need to see what my previous RSSI was.

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    If I remember correctly, you can use a hex editor (like xvi32) and change a byte in the recording header from like 02 to 03 and it would open it. I did that to open a Chanalyzer 2 recording in Chanalyzer 3, so I think it would work for Chanalyzer Lite.


    Never mind, Chanalyzer Lite can't open wsr files. :/
    You can still modify the wsr file and open it in Chanalyzer 3.2.
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    Sure, skyzone. Send it to me at support at metageek dot net


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