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Thread: what does this look like to you? upgrade time?

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    Default what does this look like to you? upgrade time?

    I've been having some trouble lately at my location. Here is a screen shot of last year from inside the hotel with the ap aprox 260' across the street.

    The next picture is of recent after the hotel implemented N throughout the building. My RSSI is below -80 but yet, notice the third picture using inssider that all of channel 6 is used by the hotel and I'm on 1 & 11.

    Even though the middle picture (channel 1), the amplitude is up to -50 but I'm sure thats not mine because of what is displayed in inSSIDer.

    Is there channel bonding going on here?
    Would 5 Ghz N with a 18 dbi MIMO antenna reslove this issue?Click image for larger version. 

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    50 views and not any input. Anyone care to make a suggestion? Well, kinda late anyway, already bought a new radio

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyzone View Post
    Would 5 Ghz N with a 18 dbi MIMO antenna reslove this issue?
    How would anyone know? You didn't give us any indication of what's on the 5GHz band. So, how's the new radio working for you?


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    inSSIDer is telling me differently.

    It tells me you are associated to the Skyzone hotel AP on channel 1. That is what the green highlight in the table indicates.

    I'm not sure what the first image of fairmont test indicates, but it is obviously different, and the inssider data doesn't correspond to it.

    The second image shows little to no interference. the activity looks pretty normal - of course the captures are short and probably aren't of times the network went down.


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