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    I wonder if there is any way that I can switch between the stacked view to a single view, e.g. just the density view or the waterfall view, etc. Thanks

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    Maybe you already tried this, but you can expand either of those views to take up most of the screen and reduce the other. Not exactly the same thing but should give you something pretty close to the view you want. If you want, I can log it as a suggestion for the developers.

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    Bret, thanks for sharing that idea which I've tried it before but like what you said it is not exactly the one that I was looking for. I think it is also a great idea if that could be placed in the list of future enhancements for Chanalyzer. Thanks again

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    Farid, please see Better configuration option in Chanalyzer 4.

    Would you also be interested in these configuration options? I'm just trying to improve consensus for some ideas that have already been mentioned, but may not have been remembered lately. I'm an end user also and liked how you can use full screens in Chanalyzer 3.4, but miss it in v4.


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    Oxygen69, yes definitely I agree with all that was said in that posting. It would be a great help to all of us if we had the freedom to choose a single screen instead of a stacked view. In many instances I found myself only needing just a small portion of that view. I hope the developers don't take me wrong, stacked view is a nice approach but it shouldn't be the only available one. Due to different tasks that we (or at leas I) face at different times, a single view of any one of these screens will provide less volume of information but more effectively. Then based on a user's requirements, s/he can decide to (or not to) switch to a different view. Again thanks for all these great ideas, I hope these suggestions make their way to the next release of Chanalyzer.


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