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Thread: Density Gamma and scan width

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    Default Density Gamma and scan width

    First, I *love* the new Density display in Chanalyzer4. It makes the 2.4x feel like it has a much smaller step and faster sweep! But on longer recordings with little signal the density display fades into the background.

    so I import them into Lightroom and max the shadow slider that applys a gamma like curve to get the Paris Hilton image my boss wants to see.

    It would be nice to be able to apply gamma to the density to make pretty images, but leave the default mode so we can all compare traces.

    I'd also like to see a manual config that I can enter my own start, stop, step and width freqs.. I like a narrower 2400-2475Mhz scan with the smallest step (and make up for the slow sweep time by leaving it there all day)


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    I agree with "picker" that the ability to be able to see the density (& other such) views brighter, when they start to fade, would be a useful attribute to add.

    Along with that idea, it would be quite useful to allow the "Waterfall" graph to have a variable "triggering" sensitivity to display marks/information, as I believe that v4 is currently set at around (-97dBm). Unfortunately, if anything you look at is not stronger than (-97dBm) in signal strength, you see nothing on the "waterfall view". That makes it appear though that there is not any important information to see/analyze during that period of time.

    However, this is not always the case. I understand wanting to have the sensitivity level's trigger, higher than v3's because I think people sometimes got confused with all of the graph data in v3, but they didn't realize that it was on an auto ranging scale. A slider bar, to allow the (already recorded data) to be graphically seen in the "Waterfall" view by varying the sensitivity allowed to be displayed, would help when looking at slightly fainter signals such as around (-100dBm). This would also allow others to not be confused with a greater amount of low signal strength data, as the default could still be set to what it is now.

    This should also be a setting that is included in the "Chanalyzer Lab" version (when it comes out), if you don't feel it meets Metageek's idea behind the current Chanalyzer v4 platform.

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    I now understand one can highlight the freq range in the density window to make a custom sweep config, (cool!) but I don't know if the internal algorithm programs for a fast sweep or maximum number of samples per sweep. I assume the sample bandwidth is alittle over the step size.

    Is the emphasis on sweep speed or resolution on a custom configs? Thanks!

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    Views are very dim and dark. Can't even make out Avg Overlay shading when enabled. Also density view is so dim, have to squint to see scatter plot info.

    Is there any way to make the displays brighter? Where's the brightness knob, man!
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