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Thread: add recognition for Funkwerk-Bintec vendor

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    Default add recognition for Funkwerk-Bintec vendor

    hi, please add funkwerk wlan as vendor 02:C8:40
    maybe an extra text file for self edit
    , tnx
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    I replied to threads on this subject(2 at least) .. OUI IEEE org has a daily updated file listing all MAC-pre-sequences 02 c8 40 for example, could be of these???? BUT OUI file lists NOT this 02 c8 40 item....???

    Funkwerk Dabendorf GmbH / Maerkische Strasse / Dabendorf Brandenburg 15806 / GERMANY
    Funkwerk plettac electronic GmbH /Wuerzburger Str. 150 Fuerth Bavaria 90766 / GERMANY

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    Another great place to make suggestions is here:

    That is where the developers pull the code. We have an internal ticketing software program that i will enter in manually. However issues raised at github could be potentially be resolved by someone in the community. I know that Tyler has his own branch of inSSIDer that sees more reactive development.


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