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Thread: capture wifi using WRT54g-TM / dd-wrt-mega and inSSiDer 2.0

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    Question capture wifi using WRT54g-TM / dd-wrt-mega and inSSiDer 2.0

    Is there a way to view available wifi signals using directional antenna/wrt54g-tm- dd-wrt mega /wireless to laptop(windows7). While viewing signals using inSSiDer 2.0? I want to be able to move antenna and see signal in that direction (approx. 1+ miles ). Allowing me to tweek antenna direction ( real-time ) to strongest signal. Need feedback & help with this project! Thanks, "RDJ"

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    So, you want to align a directional antenna that's connected to the router or the laptop?

    If the antenna's on the router, inSSIDer can't do that (well, I hacked an old version (v1.2 or so) to read data from DD-WRT, it's a bit unstable though)

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    Hi Tyler, Thanks for the info. Not what I wanted to hear...but good info! I spent alot of time trying to set that up ( including internet search ). Thought I was doing something wrong. Good to know it was'nt me. I've been trying to aline a directional antenna / through my linksys router with dd-wrt (mega). Using inSSiDer 2.0 as my visual for signal availability and strength, on laptop (wireless from router, to laptop). AS you said, ...did'nt work. Was hoping it would... I really like inSSider 2.0 - Any other suggestions for setting up the above ? Thanks again Tyler. My search continues...! I'd like to hear the success anyone else is having with long range wifi capture... and what there using ! Later, "RDJ"

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