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Thread: Get only RSSI info as data stream

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    I would like to get the RSSI information for a specific channel out of inSSIDER. I need to perform some post-processing on the raw RSSI data, so I would like somehow to get a sort of data stream with the RSSI information coming out "live" from inSSIDer. For example, start a capture that writes to a simple text file, one at a time, the value of RSSI for a given channel.

    To do this I think is necessary to make a small "hack" to the source code, but I'm not quite sure on how to proceed.

    Would it be possible to do anything like that? Thanks a lot!

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    Off the top of my head, I would:

    1) Create a FileStream to point to the file you want to be written
    2) Add another hook to the ScanComplete event on scanner in Program.Main()
    3) In the event handler, only write to the filestream the RSSI values for the channel you want, then flush the filestream (Note, you probably would need to average the RSSI for all the access points on that channel)

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