We have a customer that is having continuous problems with their wifi. We have installed 4 different access points of varying quality and the same thing keeps happening. Their wifi works for about a day then in the morning they have no wifi. we have to get in remotely and change the channel on the WAP. They are currently using a Belkin 802.11b/g/n device. We have recently purchased an HP V-M200 802.11n Access Point. This worked fine when we configured it at our office, upon installing it, it stopped working.

I started channelyzer recording yesterday before noon, unfortunately I forgot to disable automatic updates and the computer rebooted. I started it again (updates turned off). I just got this screen capture and I can see there are several AP's in it but what is the strange repeating signal on every channel at -30 decibels? What would cause several different access points to stop working until the channel is changed?

The image attached was uploaded after about 8 hours of monitoring.Click image for larger version. 

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