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Thread: Sound on new BSSID detected

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    Default Sound on new BSSID detected

    It might seem like a trivial request, but I like NetStumblers sound effects when a new BSSID is encountered.
    It makes it easier whilst wondering around; no need to look at the screen. The sounds let you know it's working.

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    This is on our to-do list. I liked them too

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    +1 on this request, thanks.

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    Count me in!

    Another cool idea could be an option to read aloud either network SSIDs or just say "Found X more networks" when new networks are detected. I tried to use Windows Screen Reader to do this but it didn't figure out the table was updating and wouldn't say anything...

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    This is a cool idea. It seems possible - even more possible on a portable application!

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    I'm pretty sure I can interface with the Microsoft Speech API from C#, so this should be possible.

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    Bump and +1

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