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Thread: Updates for Chanalyzer pro

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    Default Updates for Chanalyzer pro

    I may be missing the obvious but where can I download the updates from. I have version and the latest version is When I run "Check for Updates" it said everything is up to date, which is wrong.
    I there a link someware for downloading the updated version.

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    Thanks that worked great :-)

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    I've installed this version but nothing happened to the WiSpy DBx, how can I assure that the firmware was upgraded?

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    Hi. I also installed as described and I didn't notice any firmware upgrade. It was supposed to get any info related to the firmware upgrade?


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    Hey guys, Mark here.

    Just wanted to jump in here and shed some light on some issues that a number of folks have had with the DBx firmware update. It is possible that a number of early Wi-Spy DBx units will not be able to load the new firmware, and consequently no firmware update prompts will appear after running the newest Chanalyzer installer.

    If this is the case (if your Wi-Spy DBx is older than about a year old), and you would like to have a device that will load the firmware update, click the '"Chat with a Geek" button at the top of the page, or e-mail me at We will send you upgrade options of how to purchase a firmware-upgradable device.

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