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Thread: Weird KML file - newbie user

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    Question Weird KML file - newbie user

    I am testing inSSIDer for 2 days now and I stumbled into a strange thing. I drove around some city blocks with my laptop running inssider and connected to a GPS module.
    While driving I noticed everything appeard OK, coordinates showed up and changing, GPS satellite info showing up and changing.
    At the end I obtained a *.gpx log file which I exported to KML. First problem encountered, If I tried to export to a "Summarize" file all I got was a 1Kb file with no info, I tried exporting to a compreensive file and I got what I wanted (apparently), but when I opened the file in Google Earth I got all the AP's location at coordinates 0N,0W (somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, South of Ivory Coast and in deep waters), when I click on a specific AP info I get the label with thte correct coordinates but that simply doesn't translates to Google Earth's map. Opening the file with notepad I see the coordinates are correct, but Google Earth simply does not depicts the markers at the correct places... Can anyone help me with this?

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    Could you upload or post the gpx file that you used to generate the kml with?

    Also, are the coordinates in the kml using a dot to a comma? Commas have caused problems before.

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    Default Worked! Thanks for the tip

    Yes, it was a dot to comma conversion problem. The problem is that my regional options are set for portuguese, and in Portugal the dot is used for digit grouping and the comma for decimal digits. Just a matter of 20 seconds at the control panel -> regional options where I set the (dot) for decimal and the (comma) for digit grouping, exported the *.gpx file again and bingo! Worked wonderfully. Thanks for the tip!

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    My regional settings are US and set with what you have specified above and I have the same problem. When I use convert gpx to kml, my kml is only 105bites basically has the kml template with no info. Any other suggestions?

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    What are your export settings? How large is the source GPX log?
    The export settings can make a big difference in the size of the output KML file.

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    The GPX log was 6mb. I figured out what the issue was. By default, all the filters were turned on. I turned them all off and the KML generated with no issues.



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