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Thread: how to get time info in inSSIDer ".gpx" logs?

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    Default how to get time info in inSSIDer ".gpx" logs?

    Dear all,

    I am currently working with inSSIDer on a windows XP machine and would like to record timed log files. I have been able to generate a log file (.gpx) but when looking at it as a text file I can see different information fields but no time information (I don't have a GPS connected).

    An example of the log file text that I have is show below:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <wpt lat="" lon="">
    <name>eduroam [00:11:20:22:1F:A1]</name>
    RSSI: -77 dB
    Quality: 76%
    Channel 11
    Speed (kph): 0

    Could you suggest a way to get the time information of when each measurement was taken? this is very important for me as I would like to automate the analysis later rather than looking at the time graph on the screen all the time. I imagine a USB GPS could do the job but at the moment I don't have one.

    Kind regards,


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    The timestamps are from the GPS, which when isn't connected, you'll get invalid timestamps.
    I suppose we could make an option to use local timestamps instead of GPS timestamps if no GPS is connected.


    Try the attached build, it should have timestamps when no GPS is connected
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Thank you Tyler, I will definitely try it and let you know


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    Fantastic, it works thank you very much!!!
    This feature should definitely be an option in the release version of inSSIDer!


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    Thank you, I had the same problem with Windows 7, and this solution works at all.


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    This also adds the time to the .ns1 NetStumbler logs, which is a feature we needed. Is there any way we can get this packaged with an installer? I have about 30 machines I need to have it installed on. Thanks!

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    Very useful, it should be included in the original installation.

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