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    Hi MetaGeek:
    Just a couple of quick questions. I need to verify that the above mentioned software in my post title does NOT support 3D view. When I go to tab "View", 3D is not an option.

    Lastly, I have an error message that only showed up the 3rd time I launched Chanalyzer is as follows:

    "Error Initializing WiLan Client: The service has not been started and Wi-Fi data will not be displayed."

    Can you please tell me what this means?

    I am using Wi-Spy to verify "floor noise" at larger Radio Control Aircraft events, such as Joe Nall and IRCHA (to name a couple).

    My 2D plots see to work just fine. I am running DSL with a router and it picks up the dome shaped signal from the router just fine from around 2.408 Ghz out to 2.4.26 Ghz.

    Also, when I turn on my JR 12X radio, Wi-Spy picks up its signature right away

    Oh, and do you know if this software has a manual? When I go to the Metageek folder on my laptop, it is empty.

    Thank you for your help!

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    Chanalyzer Lite's 3D was discontinued in the 2nd version. While it was pretty, it added no functionality over what is already displayed in the current and waterfall views. Because the 3D view was created with DirectX it created way too many issues rather than resolving problems like the Wi-Spy should. We would really like to implement a OpenGL version of 3D some day.

    The error you are seeing is related to an incompatible Wi-Fi device. Often this is caused by using the intel proset software. You can easily fix this by going into the advanced options and selecting allow windows to manage my wireless.

    The software does have a manual - however the developers keep forgetting to package it in each build.

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    Thank you Trent. I appreciate your response(s). I suspected the 3D was no longer an option...just wanted to confirm.

    This product works very well for my intended use...the floor noise comes through loud and clear


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