Hi there,

Chanalyzer-4 and Chanalyzer Pro seem to be very interesting tools for (simple) spectrum analysis. However, they seem to only generate certain types of figures and reports, and the data cannot be exported to create your own figures. Imagine that you want to plot the received signal strength at certain frequency band acquired with Chanalyzer-4/Pro, together with the throughput obtained with a different application running in paralel. We would need to do the measurements/recording with both applications simultaneously, and then process the data to jointly plot these two parameters e.g. with Matlab/octave.

The question is then, does anybody know if it would be possible with Chanalyzer-4/Pro to save the results in raw format (e.g. plain text) so that we can manipulate them and create our own figures? As an example for channel 2.4GHz, it could be simply a text file with different columns like:

time frequency amplitude
0.1 2.4 -99
0.2 2.4 -97
0.3 2.4 -99
0.4 2.4 -95

Many thanks in advance,