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    Hello, I am a freelance journalist in Germany and am about to write a short article about inSSider. My readers are not very good in solving own pc problems. So I thought inSSider could be a good tool to help, if somebody encounters problems with the wireless connection. But unfortunately I do myself encounter problems with using inSSider. I wonder, for instance, if there is a German version (planned) for this program. I found the elder inSSider version in German, but it does not work on my pc (MEDION laptop with Win 7).
    I do also wonder about the GPS functionality, I do not understand how to configure this and how it will help me, if it is configured well. Maybe I would need further hardware for using it. I do also not undrerstand the different tabs in the lower part of the display, what is the message of the 2.4GHz Channels and the 5 GHz Channels tabs, what is the Filters tab used for?
    Many questions, sorry, is somebody able and willing to help me?
    Many thanks in advance

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    We are formulating a plan for the best method of translating inSSIDer, but nothing has materialized yet.

    The GPS functionality allows you to determine the location of an access point by walking around and logging the signal levels at various points. Generally, the user manual to the GPS device you are using will tell you what settings you need to set in inSSIDer (specifically the baud rate, handshake and data bits).

    Here is a summary of what all the tabs do:
    • News
      • Shows the blog from MetaGeek
    • Time Graph
      • Displays the signal level over time
    • 2.4 GHz Channels
      • Displays how access point channels overlap in the 2.4GHz band
    • 5 GHz Channels
      • Similar to the the 2.4 GHz channels, except is for the 5GHz band
    • Filters
      • Allows you to filter out access points based on certain criteria
      • Criteria like channel, RSSI level, security, etc.
    • GPS
      • Displays the status of the connected GPS device

    P.S. For reference, the program name is spelled "inSSIDer", the "SSID" is capitalized.

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    Thank you, that was very helpful.



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