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    Hi trent, I just watched the 10 Chanalyzer Pro Tips video and Recon came up being used to monitor four office locations remotely.
    Could you tell us more about how you use Recon and its features please.

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    Hi Mr. Choz, we are currently re-writing Recon - so it is publicly unavailable. I'll post the links to download

    This was a program that worked in conjunction with Chanalyzer 3.4 which turned a computer into a little Wi-Spy server. We are working to get it back up and running with Chanalyzer 4 and pass the network data as well. I don't have an ETA for it.

    If your wi-spy is not on the latest firmware (meaning you purchased it in 2010 and haven't done any updates to it), you can download Chanalyzer 3.4 here:

    Recon is here:

    Once you have connected to recon through chanalyzer you'll be able to configure it and use it just as you would any other wi-spy. You can also have multiple wi-spys plugged into recon.


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