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Thread: Chanalyzer Pro won't launch unless WiSpy is plugged in

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    Question Chanalyzer Pro won't launch unless WiSpy is plugged in

    I'm running Chanalyzer Pro version If I launch it with the WiSpy DBx attached it works fine. But if I try to launch it without WiSpy, the window never opens. I can see the Chanalyzer.exe process listed in Task Manager, but there's no visible window, so I'm unable to review saved recordings.

    I'm running on a Dell Latitude D620 running Windows XP SP3, and I've tried it with my Intel WiFi adapter enabled and disabled. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Chanalyzer. No difference.

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    The same is true on a Lenovo X200 W7-64 tablet, the WiSpy has to be inserted. I don't think this is the case with the non-pro version. If so then the files can be read via that.

    I believe you can have both Chanalyzer 3 and Pro installed simultaneously.


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