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Thread: Amplitude or Power in channel table?

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    Default Amplitude or Power in channel table?


    I just acquire the Chanalizer Pro tool for studying Wifi network. I found very useful. However, though the use of most of the features are obvious, I found the measurement parameters are not clearly defined. Or no user manual is available for us to look up the definition.

    Firstly, I clicked the channel Table. There are average, current and max tabs in the channel table. I want to know if they refer to amplitude or power? I checked the help, it said average is the power. But the y-axis in the main graph in the software shows amplitude.

    Second, for the noise floor in channel Table, is it amplitude or power? Does it multiply with bandwidth in the channel in question (multiply in linear scale)?

    After searching the forum, I have a feeling that the term "amplitude" used in the software is not used in the way that we normally use. Normally, amplitude^2 = power (all in linear scale). But it seems to me that here in software, "amplitude" means log scale while "power" means linear scale. Am I right?

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    The average, max and noise floor are calculated in amplitude (log). These values multiply.


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