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Thread: inSSIDer intermittently hangs my wireless connection?

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    Default inSSIDer intermittently hangs my wireless connection?

    I have been running inSSIDeer for a couple of days now and I really like it. This afternoon I lost connection to the internet. I couldn't ping my ISPs DNS servers, so I tried pinging my router/AP. That failed as well so I power cycled the router. Then I went to the Win 7 Network and sharing center and noticed that my AP and all of the APs in the neighborhood were missing. Then it occurred to me to see what InSSIDer was showing as I already had it running and minimized. When I brought it up the screen was frozen. When I closed inSSIDer all of the APs started appearing. I waited a while and opened inSSIDer again. Everything looked OK and I minimized itand went back to what I was doing. About an Hour later it happened again. This was on an Acer netbook with an Atheros wireless adapter running Win 7. inSSIDer 2.0.7

    Update: It just happened again and I found that I can stop inSSIDer and restart it using the button in the top right corner, without closing it, and my connection returns.
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    Hmm, it sounds to me that inSSIDer is hosing up the WLAN API, which would stop Windows from using it. Sounds like something for us to look into.

    Also, I don't recommend leaving inSSIDer running in the background because every scan tells the WiFi adapter to leave the access point's channel to look for other APs. This degrades connection quality (i.e. higher ping times, lower throughput, etc.)

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    Thanks Tyler, That is good to know. I never thought about what inSSIDer was doing to get it's information.


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