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Thread: RSSI decreases when inSSIDer is used

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    Default RSSI decreases when inSSIDer is used

    I have a strange phenomena:

    I'm using a g-wireless network on a laptop at home. It works fine (especially when next to the wireless modem) with a connection speed of 56 Mbps, to be expected from a g-adapter (INPROCOMM IPN2220 Wireless LAN Card). I've used it for over 30 minutes without any problems. But, as soon as I start inSSIDer v 2.07 the signal decreases, first it gives some spikes (around -33 dB) and the disappears (-100 dB). The speed reported by the wireless connection drops to 1Mbps, though it still says it is an excellent connection... Actually in Everest a signal strength of around -33 dB is still reported!

    The cabelmodem/wireless router being used is one provided by my provider and is a modified (but only to add telephone via cable) CBN SVG6540E.

    Does anyone understands this behaviour?
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    I think it may be the way the WiFi adapter is reacting to the scanning. For a WiFi adapter to scan for other access points, it must leave the currently connected AP's channel to look for APs on the other channels.

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    Which means that I cannot use inSSIDer with this laptop / the INPROCOMM IPN2220 Wireless LAN Card?

    Because now I cannot see a time graph of the signal of the AP I'm connected to as it drops to -100dB according to inSSider.

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    I recommend disconnecting from any APs before scanning with inSSIDer because it can cause strange problems. Although, I've never seen the current AP drop to -100dB when scanning. (I've not even heard of INPROCOMM brand WiFi adapters. )

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    The WiFi adapter was the standard wireless adapter delivered with the Acer Aspire 1360 and was used by a.o. TOSHiBA, PACKARD BELL, BENQ around 2005. INPROCOMM was a Taiwanese company and is taken over by Mediatek in 2005.

    Anyway, I think it is clear that things are not interacting very well.

    Thanks for your answer!


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