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Thread: What kind of Interference???

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    Default What kind of Interference???

    I'm having issues with latency and packet loss in the following attached Wifi environment. I know there are other wifi devices in the area. The CXP prefixed SSID's are running from the same radio (b/g) and are the ones that we are using. See WSX download link.

    Any ideas?


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    What Wi-Spy was used to record this? Is it possible to download Chanalyzer 3.4 or Lab and get a better resolution?

    I don't want to say the 11b access point is bad, but it looks a little goofy.. I see zigbee in zigbee channel 12 probably... & maybe 13.

    Something keeps looking for a channel as evidenced by the -30 dbm spikes (probably your computer..) I think your computer is really searching a lot for a new AP as evidenced by:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Also, do you have a microwave somewhere nearby? I as because this looks like it. And while the microwave usually is more of a Peak and drop off, they do sometimes take out the entire band with high RF radiation..
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Pic2.jpg 
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    Anyone else have any thoughts? I see some other things but am not really sure exactly what to make of them.. Anyone think chanalyzer 4 is creating a duplicate image here at all?

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    This recording was done with Chanalyzer Pro using Wi-Spy 2.4.


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