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Thread: 1st day with my 2.4x and chanalyzer 4 & (pro demo)

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    Default 1st day with my 2.4x and chanalyzer 4 & (pro demo)

    It arrived in work today and was loved by my colleagues, have been playing around now for an hour or so at home too, 3 things i'd like to see is
    1. ability to minimize to tray
    2. optional pop up alert "are you sure you want to close?"
    3. same timegraph integrated from inSSIDer 2.0 into Chanalyzer 4/pro

    I find Chanalyzer 4's timegraph clunky, ugly and occasionally just shows blank data.
    inSSIDer's timegraph is smooth and very very nice.

    Great work! thanks

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    Thanks for the feedback! Glad you're enjoying your Wi-Spy. I'll let the developers know about these requests. Regarding the Time Graph, can you be more specific?

    Visually, what is it about the Chanalyzer Time Graph that makes it ugly, the color scheme, or something else?

    As far as functionality goes, I'd like to find out if you're experiencing any kind of bug in the Time Graph. In the future, if you see this behavior again (Chanalyzer's time graph failing to show a signal that shows up in inSSIDer or the Chanalyzer spectrum views), could you send a screenshot to support at metageek dot net?

    Thanks again for the feedback and suggestions!
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    Hi, took a couple of shots with a mobile phone

    SSIDER -
    you see how immediately after starting, it always has a line, keeps drawing data and looks accurate & easy to read.

    Chanalyzer 4 -
    its up, its down, its not drawing data, then it is, then it misses some, then it jumps...


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