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    Hi, I've got two wifi routers, a linksys and a netgear. Just yesterday, they both quit working. I'm in an apartment building, so there are lots of AP's around. I noticed that I can see lots of them, just not mine. I've tried many things including rebooting the routers, trying just one, then the other, resetting both back to factory defaults, etc. I would think this was a problem with my laptop, but I have the same problem with 2 windows 7 laptops, 1 macbook, 1 blackberry, 2 iphones. None of these devices can connect. The macbook actually see's the SSID but can't connect.

    When I disable and re-enable my wifi adapter on the win7 laptop, I often "see" the AP for just a second. The same thing happens if I power off the routers and power them back on.

    I captured an image of the single second where the routers are in view.

    Any ideas? It seems unusual that both would die on the same day?

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    Have you tried different channels for your routers? An interfering "usual suspect" (in my case, a video sender) can completely obliterate one or more channels.


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    Does the pulse return at all. ie: a pulse every x seconds.
    It sounds like the AP is not sending out beacons or not very often. So the chance that your computer will scan the AP channel when the beacon is sent becomes low. As to why both APs would do something like this at the some time is very weird. Check all the settings on the AP. As BrianR said (and a very good point) change the channel of the AP.

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    It could also be Electromagnetic interference in the area as they both went out at the same time.. Did anything "die" electrically in the house or are you having problems with anything else? Did you bring anything new into the apartment as far as electronics when this happened? Of course if that is it, it could also be a neighbor too..

    Maybe he just "See's" the AP's because they are sending out a full amplitude pulse at the broadcast time..? otherwise, possibly the signal is not getting through. Or the AP got hit with a power spike and just work intermittently. The question is what kind of surge/ups are they hooked up too?

    Is anyone else around you having problems too.. If they are I would start looking at EMI problems..

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