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Thread: WiSpy DBx incorrectly showing shadow signals in UNII-3

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    Default WiSpy DBx incorrectly showing shadow signals in UNII-3

    While out in the field I noticed that when there is 802.11 activity on some of the upper UNII-3 channels a ghost of the signal appears down in the UNII-1 range.

    Once I got back to the office, we fired up our trusty Agilent spectrum analyzer to see if we could duplicate the situation. The WiSpy clearly shows these ghost signals but the Agilent does not.

    Unfortunately for my good friends at Metageek, I must trust the Agilent over the WiSpy.

    Tried to upload a sample recording of these false readings, but it fails. The file is 2.3MB, and the uploader says that the max file size to upload is 9.54MB. If someone at Metageek wants to get the recording, send me an email so that you can see this incorrect output and hopefully fix it in a future release.
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    I would recommend sending the recording to support at metageek dot net.

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    Thanks. Should have done that first, but haven't needed anything resembling support before and the closest thing to submitting a bug like this under the "Support" menu on the home page is the link which leads me here.

    If anyone's interested in seeing the recording, it's here:

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    Thanks for sending the recording to us. While internal imaging similar to this can happen in the Wi-Spy DBx unit itself, I believe what you're seeing here is a firmware bug which has been resolved in the latest firmware. The most recent firmware update was released was in January and it was released for most Wi-Spy DBxs purchased in 2010. DBxs purchased before 2010 can not be updated in the field unfortunately. We do offer a trade-in deal for the latest Wi-Spy DBx. Please email us.


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