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Thread: Logging with Inssider V1 vs V2

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    Default Logging with Inssider V1 vs V2

    howdy all,

    Is it just me or does inssider 2.0 not automatically name log files by date and time as Inssider v1 does? I use a netbook for site surveys and its much handier just clicking start logging than manually specifying a file name

    Cheers for any hints or tips

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    Same for me.

    It's been a while since I last used the program, so no idea on the differences, but v2 makes you specify the name first.

    Yes, it's kind of annoying, but you can just button mash and rename later. The properties of it will hold the date and time anyways.

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    How do you open and view whatever Inssider is logging? I tried opening the log, but no luck.
    The occasional other ssid's I see on Inssider, are they there because they are just in my range or does that mean they are hooking up to my unsecured network?


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