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Thread: Another issue of confused BSSIDs

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    Default Another issue of confused BSSIDs

    Hi, all

    Sorry to return so soon with a new question.

    One of the 'symptoms' I've been anxious about is when we suddenly get apparent violent storms of signal strength oscillation. Since the networks I am looking at all are all performing unsatisfactorily in some way, it certainly seemed like a clue to the fault.
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    Sadly, I think it is another bug in inSSIDer caused by confusion between BSSIDs. If two access points have very similar MACs (in this case, xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-60 and xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-A0) (and maybe on the same channel, I am not sure) inSSIDer will sometimes incorrectly report ONE BSSID, whose signal strength rapidly alternates between the two levels.

    Because I'm a bit nervous about the results I see on inSSIDer, I've been running it simultaneously on several machines of different specs. On Tuesday, I had three laptops:

    An ACER with Intel 4965AGN and inSSIDEr v 2.0.7
    A Toshiba with Atheros AR5007EG and inSSIDEr v 2.0.7
    A Toshiba netbook with Atheros AR9281 and inSSIDEr v 2.0.6

    The Toshibas both mistook two APs for one, showed only one BSSID with violently oscillating signal power.

    The Acer correctly showed two APs with two stable signal power levels, roughly at the limits of the oscillation shown on the other two..

    Of course, it might not be inSSIDerís fault. We were investigating because the Toshibas were losing connection to the Netgear WAGL102 APs. The Atheros cards may be confused about the BSSIDs, the same way insider 2.0.6 was, causing the problems we see.

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    Hmm, I thought I replied to this thread already, sorry

    Could you try the build attached to this post:

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    Thanks, Tyler.. this a problem with the new build


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