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    Default interference?

    For the past couple months, we have experienced what amounts to rolling blackouts of wifi in our house. I've used three routers, so its not that, and the wired connection is solid. When the problem hits, it hits hard driving wifi to pretty much dial-up speed, or completely dead. So were running about half the time on ok wifi (status quo from before, we have an old house so reception isnt great) and half the time no wifi. At first i was convinced it was a new baby monitor, but i've since taken some time to shut all monitors and phones down along with all the other electronics in the office with the router

    Using iSSIDER, i can see the channels of competing wifi networks, and that isnt the problem. Sometimes there is no visible impact, but often the SSID just "Fades" in and out as opposed to the signal strength dropping to a very low number. Sometimes the signal will spike up and down, but will still show at an amplitude where i should be getting decent usage. What is this fading?? See figure 1 attached - here is my primary SSID, "fattie2" spiking up and down and simply fading away!

    I just used an old router as an AP in a different room, and that worked great until i walked to the front of the house, and wham, similar deal. See figure 2 where the 2nd AP, "second" starts off great in the back of the house, then as i move to the front the signal strength drops (expected, i was on the second floor right over the antenna, but ??) and then does this "fading"

    This is new behavior. I used to have not great wifi, but now we are SHUT DOWN.
    Is this non-wfi interference?
    I dont think its coming from inside my house. Not sure how to identify the source and try to shut it down????

    (edit: sometimes i can see the neighbors competing SSIDs fading in and out too)

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    Do you know what channel you are running on typically? When do these "rolling blackouts" happen? are you on 2.4GHz or 5GHz? More info is needed to help you with this problem.. However, it is possible that an amateur radio is kicking you off if the signals/channels you are using are between 2400-2450MHz. See image. If that is the case, you have NO recourse and have to accept the interference. or try switching to 5GHz if you aren't already using it..

    Read this thread first:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    sorry, the copy to clipboard only shows the graph - i am 2.4ghz, not 5
    it happens during the days and the evenings so i cant really predict.
    can you help me understand the image you posted? amateur radio means ham? how far does this interference range?

    i have since found out that my across the street neighbor is experiencing the same issues
    and by accept you mean that i cant punch that person in the nose?


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