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Thread: Display Network IP Address?

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    Default Display Network IP Address?

    Is it possible, in inSSIDer 2.0 to display a column showing the IP address for each of the Access Points shown?
    If not, may I request this as an option?

    Tony Bean

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    Unfortuniately this wouldn't be realistic -- you can't get an IP address until you associate on a network and there's nothing to say the access point even has an IP address you could "see". For example, my college used Cisco access points which broadcast multiple networks in different VLANs and the AP is only accessable from the network admin system. Also, for secure networks you'd have no way to even connect to begin with.

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    Also...if any form of encryption is being used, which is going to be nearly all the time, layer 3 information, which includes IP addresses, are going to be encapsulated, so you won't be able to see the IP addresses.

    If it's an open network (no encryption) then can see source and destination address info.


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