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Thread: Chanalyzer Updates & Chanalyzer Lab

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    Question Chanalyzer Updates & Chanalyzer Lab

    Could I ask, "what are the recent upgrades to the versions of chanalyzer software?"
    Is there ever going to be a "Bug Fix" place under the "About" in each software where we can see what was changed? or a place on the new download web page indicating what was changed and why there is a fix?

    I ask because I have already seen many new BUGS, and the return of some old ones, and would like to know what was suppose to have been fixed. Also, regarding software changes in general.

    Also, I would like to recommend that you Start a Forum for Chanalyzer Lab, as I see there is not currently one here in the forums..



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    Hello Oxygen,

    Per your request we have created a Chanalyzer Lab forum thread.

    I could not agree more that we need to include release notes when we release a new version of the software. And quite possibly firmware as well. In fact this is something that I already had on my list and by you bringing it too our attention only solidifies the need. My thinking was that we would start by placing a link on the web site under the version number under the Downloads page for each product. This would allow a user to either view or download the release notes. A second phase may be to include a section under Help that is a link to these release notes. At this point I can't give a target date but it is definitely on my radar.

    Thanks again for the feedback it is much appreciated.



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    Thanks Rich,
    I think a simple text file link under the version number or a text file called the version # would be great.. It would be helpful to not remove old "Release notes" from the website, unless they are in the new text file. Otherwise, when you go to look at the changes, you may not see the previous one's. I think it is simple to add that text file to the downloaded Chanalyzer software without much greater size being an issue. I recommend it just be a pull-down from the help menu. That is simple from a programming perspective. And doesn't create any additional "errors" like the metageek(News) tab use to, by being a internet link. I am against linking it to the web site.


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    Archive is another thing on my list. I think having several of the past versions available would not be a bad idea. If not the software we definitely need the past release notes.

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    I totally concur.


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    On our website you can now get the previous version as well as check out the release notes on the latest release. We are also in the process of changing around out Downloads page to hopefully make downloading our software a simpler process.
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