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Thread: Which channel in small area, lots of AP's?

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    Default Which channel in small area, lots of AP's?

    I got a question regarding channel selection on 2.4Ghz. We got a narrow hallway with multiple rooms on each side, in the hallway we got 10 access-points in a single line. The walls disrupt the wireless signal and therefore we needed 10 ap's that are like 8 meters apart from each other.
    The channel is now on auto resulting in channels ranging from 1 till 12. Would it be smart to put the channels on manual? And what is best practice in this situation regarding channel selection? I can do 1-6-11-1-6-11 This will create overlap with the channels. I can also do the following 1-1-6-6-11-11-1-1....This will also create overlap but not as much..

    So basically looking for some advice on channels in situation where you have lots of ap's in a small area (particular in a single line).

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    You want to keep the overlapping frequencies as far apart as possible. So I would recommend the following.


    Something else that you may want to take into consideration is the power setting of each radio in the AP(if it supports that function). By lowing the power of the AP you decrease the radius of the WiFi range. By decreasing the radius you decrease the interference to the other AP on the same channel. However because of the walls that may not be an option.


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