I got a question regarding channel selection on 2.4Ghz. We got a narrow hallway with multiple rooms on each side, in the hallway we got 10 access-points in a single line. The walls disrupt the wireless signal and therefore we needed 10 ap's that are like 8 meters apart from each other.
The channel is now on auto resulting in channels ranging from 1 till 12. Would it be smart to put the channels on manual? And what is best practice in this situation regarding channel selection? I can do 1-6-11-1-6-11 This will create overlap with the channels. I can also do the following 1-1-6-6-11-11-1-1....This will also create overlap but not as much..

So basically looking for some advice on channels in situation where you have lots of ap's in a small area (particular in a single line).