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Thread: inSSIDer reinstalled but zilch

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    Default inSSIDer reinstalled but zilch

    Months ago I had it on my computer, but it got lost when I had a lot of BSODs and had to do some clean Windows installs.

    Now I am attempting to make a fresh inSSIDer installation perform without success.
    Box 1: set with "ISP: Wireless ID; 2: Channels 1-14; Network type not set; Security not set.

    Network card is in r/h corner and has been started.Filter setting makes no difference.

    Nothing shows up, not even my own router.

    BTW last time I was using a thechnicolor 585 v7, but now a 582N, both supplied by the ISP

    What am I doing wrong?

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    You say "Network type not set", then a bit later, "network card". It sounds to me like you're using the ethernet and not the wireless. InSSIDer needs to be run from a wireless equipped computer.


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