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Thread: Select Wi-Fi adapter and click Start

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    Exclamation Select Wi-Fi adapter and click Start

    I am having some trouble and I believe it to be the software. I have installed Chanalyzer Pro version (which is the latest version) and when I click the Network Table tab is says to "Select Wi-Fi adapter and click Start" but can't find any listing to select the Wi-Fi adapter. I have inssider version and it gives me a list of adapters in my system. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but no improvement.

    So why is it that my Chanalyzer Pro isn't showing me the list?

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    In Chanaylzer Pro the Wi-Fi adapter should be available in the upper right hand corner of the window along with the Start button. Make sure that on the PC you have Chanalyzer Pro installed on has the WLAN Autoconfig (Win7/Vista) or Wireless Zero configuration (WinXP) service started in the Services.

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    Nothing but the Start button appears in the upper right corner and I am running Windows XP and using Wireless Zero Configuration. As I have said I have inSSIDer installed and it works as it should allowing me to change wireless adapters.

    I have read somewhere that .NET is needed and I have 3.5 installed not sure if I need 4.0 though.

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    I have even installed to another computer with the same results. Both are Dells one of them is an E6400 and the other is an E6410.

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    .Net 3.5 should be fine. At the time that Chanalyzer is running is your wireless card connected to an AP? With Chanalyzer running go to Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Select the network adapters and disable the Wireless NIC. Then Re-enable it.

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    Yes the wireless card is connected to an AP when Chanalyzer is running. Our wireless reconnects automatically and is controlled by Group Policy. Tried disabling then enabling wireless card while Chanalyzer is running but nothing changed still now list of adapters.

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    Can you take a screen shot and attach it to a post for me?

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    This is what I see when I launch the program

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    Thank you for the screen shot. Are the File, View, etc.... Menus selectable? They appear grayed out and they should not be. Wondering if there is more of a problem then just the Wi-Fi adapter issue.

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    They are selectable and functional. I installed Chanalyzer 4 also and same issue.

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