Whenever I use my Wi-Spy DBx (v1) with Chanalyzer Lab it never is able to know what settings it is allowed to use when I manually enter a frequency.

Example: if I tell it to scan 2300-2600MHz Lab allows me to set the Step rate at 23 kHz, however, that is not an allowable value according to chanalyzer v3.4, and it should be around 120kHz, hence Lab crashes EVERY time. A major problem when I have a DBx, 2.4x, and 2x Wi-Spy 900x's hooked up. I LOOSE all my settings (I just programmed in) and the program crashes on me.

Has anyone else noticed this problem with the DBx or with any other Wi-Spy's?

Also, when I hit the down arrow on the "step rate" it goes in ranges of 10kHz - Why 10kHz? Chanalyzer v3.4 use to step down at the "required/allowable" values usable to the hardware that were known to be usable to device..