Dear MetaGeek Developers:

While I understand that the range of the Wi-Spy varies individually per device (as to its sensitivity), why does Chanalyzer Lab not allow the capabilities of the Wi-Spy's (according to your own advertizements), for it to see the entire amplitude range for which the software & Wi-Spy's are being marketed??

MetaGeek's own page quotes:
However, Chanalyzer Lab has limited the Amplitude Range (noise floor) to -100dBm ?? If the 900x's noise floor is (-105dBm) then why would you limit a version that
"gives total hardware control and flexibility over the Wi-Spy Spectrum Analyzer."
Since all Wi-Spy's are technically supported by Chanalyzer Lab, and not just the 900x that comes with it, one should be able to see the entire range of your devices as one could in previous chanalyzer's.

Wi-Spy 900x Amplitude Range is (-105 dBm to -6.5 dBm)
Wi-Spy 2.4x Amplitude range is (-110 dBm to -6.5 dBm)

MetaGeek's Description of the Wi-Spy on their own page:

Please note that unlike prior chanalyzer versions where things were done on a "percentage" value, as to the activity seen (Chanalyzer v3.4), Chanalyzer v4 (Pro, Regular, & Lab) are all trying to make this out to be an absolute value rather than a percentage value. Hence you can no longer see marks in the Histograph/timeview of Chanalyzer v4 where anything less than (-97 or -96dBm) is recorded at the top of the screen. This makes it hard-to-impossible to correlate any numbers that you may have around -93dBm to -100dBm.

It is understood that the Wi-Spy uses a USB interface and based on the clock frequency of the Wi-Spy's crystal, one would see blank lines in the topgraphic view around the noise floor -

Therefore, the only probable reason to limit the viewable amplitude to -100dBm is to try and eliminate a user from seeing these lines. However, that fact still becomes a factor when looking at places with a noise floor above -100dBm. So, it is still basically a factor despite the lowering of the amplitude range. Since that's the case, it would just be wise to EDUCATE users better regarding the Wi-Spy SA & Chanalyzer software, possible non-wifi interference from the internal Wi-Spy (which may require testing), and to have a really good beginners document/manual to learn to use all versions of Chanalyzer.

While, I have noticed that there are plenty of instructional video's regarding Chanalyzer Pro, there are is only 1 for the regular (free) Chanalyzer v4, and NONE for Chanalyzer Lab. Nor are there any reference documents included with the Wi-Spy or Chanalyzer software pertaining to what is NOT interference, but instead emissions (possibly seen) from and false reading from the Wi-Spy (hence error.)


PS: If anyone else is using Chanalyzer Lab or any chanalyzer version, and has questions regarding the things mentioned above - or different ones - please let MetaGeek know.