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Thread: RSSI bursts to 0 dBm

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    Default RSSI bursts to 0 dBm


    Iím running insider on my notebook (Dell Inspiron 9400) to watch the performance of our WLAN (WRT54GL).

    I see lots of RSSI bursts from distant neighboring networks to RSSI = 0 dBm every few minutes. What does this mean? I cannot believe that this are really bursts of signal intensity. Rather I would assume that the signal intensity was lost at all or fell beneath some threshold. But whatís the difference than to signals that simply fade away?



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    Hi Erich,

    RSSI jumps to 0 dbm because that's how it's being reported to inSSIDer by the wireless adapter. There has been a suggestion to improve how inSSIDer handles this that may be included in future releases. Please see this thread:
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    Thank you Bred for the reference...


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