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Thread: inSSIDer 2.0 - on the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz tabs, how is the aplitutde graphed ?

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    Default inSSIDer 2.0 - on the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz tabs, how is the aplitutde graphed ?

    The SSID in the signal amplitude plot shows up as one of these 4 so i was wondering what the difference is:

    -square solid line
    -square dotted line
    -rounded solid line
    -rouded dotted line


    PS, great product, I love it and people I show it to are always impressed !

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    In the channel graphs, the shape is how the AP should look on the physical spectrum.
    Rounded is for modulation methods like DSSS (Direct sequence spread spectrum), while the square is for modulation methods like OFDM (Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing).

    You'll notice that APs with a max speed of 11Mbps show up rounded, while APs with max speeds of 20Mbps or more show up square.

    The line style is determined by the AP's security method:

    Dotted: No security
    Dashed: WEP
    Solid: WPA

    I hope it helps

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    Thank you very much for your reply, it helps very much.

    I got the question twice, once yesterday from a customer while doing a site survey with ekahau and inSSIDer, and once from a participant in a talk I gave about useful wireless tools.

    I love it when people ask questions I don't know the answer to That's how to learn for sure !!

    I will test inSSIDer again in my lab with your info


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    I'm using WPA2 for security, because after a short search I was told that it is newer then WPA and more secure. My security shows up as a solid red line, while my guest network shows a dotted green network (no security). I have them both on WPA2 personal, and have the option to make it a mixed mode. Even when I do that I have the same.

    -35 to -45 Db Highest in area.
    Channel 9 Between 4 signals
    Cisco Linksys 4200
    Windows 7
    Clearwire 2.4Ghz
    Maxrate 144 N


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