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Thread: Noob ? on wi-spy DBx USB stick

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    Question Noob ? on wi-spy DBx USB stick

    Ok-I know a bit about wireless but this has me stumped. I have Chanalyzer 4 and InSSider. I have a DBx USB stick. But I dont see this listed in the top right hand corner of Chanalyzer 4, when I run it-should I ?
    What I am asking is is the USB stick, with the aerial, a wireless adaptor in its own right, or is it an add-on to your normal wireless adaptor? I really dont know and I cant find anything in the FAQ's. I do see reference to WZC needing to work (?) but I would have expected the USB stick to show up in the networking adaptors list.
    I'm running WIN XP SP3 on a HP 6910, if that helps.



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    Default Spectrum Analysis Only - Wi-Spy DBx

    It does nothing with wireless connectivity and does not work with inSSIDer at all. It is a usb SPECTRUM ANALYZER only. Hence, it is not capable of being used for wireless communications.

    The DBx detects all wireless RF "signals" from 2300-2600MHz & 4900-6000MHz. Anything that uses a wireless signal (ie: 802.11, cordless phones, microwaves, RFID, proximity sensors, WiMax, weather sensors, Dopplar Radar, XBox, ect.) will show up on the wi-spy. So it is useful in detecting if something is "interfering" with your WiFi signals or if you are needing to look and see if anyone is using a particular frequency.

    You need to use Chanalyzer v3.4 or v4, Chanalyzer Pro, or Chanalyzer Lab to use the Wi-Spy DBx. inSSIDer is only for wireless communications - 802.11 signals as seen by the wifi card in your computer.


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    Ahh-ok. I knew it was doing the spec analy bit, its just the fact that its a USB stick, and the drop down menu, threw me. I'm used to having ones that sit on a bench and have a 4" screen!
    I started to use it last night, and could see the waterfall, so looking at the FAQ's, I realised it must have been working. Put it next to the microwave and could see the interference coming through-very good. Time to go have a play and read some tips and tricks to get the best out of this




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