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Thread: Lab features not integrated into Pro??

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    Thumbs down Lab features not integrated into Pro??

    I hate to say this but for the price of Pro, it should include all the Lab features. Pro is your premium product, and that is why I purchased a copy, along with a DBx Pro.

    I would love to have the features of Lab integrated into Pro. However, charging another $100 for Lab for a couple extra features seems like you are nickel-and-diming your customers.

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    Just from my personal experience, I agree... I did a lot of BUGGING and posts on here, to get the functionality of v3.4 (which does all the Lab stuff mostly) into Chanalyzer Lab. That is why they made lab I believe, to give people like me more control over the Wi-Spy than the regular users who don't seem that interested in using it beyond WiFi stuff. I use is as a Wireless ISP to see whats around and to try and identify signals I see that I am un-familiar with.

    If you have a DBx that is the (v1) and doesn't read "WI-Spy DBx2" in chanalyzer then you can use it with Chanalyzer v3.4 . I prefer the features of v3.4 to all the v4 so far, because v4 and Lab still have not caught up to everything you can in v3.4, but v4's can record the WiFi data, which v3.4 could see it, but not keep it in the recordings..

    Also v3.4 allows you to see more of the Wi-Spy sensitivity range down to either -105 or -110 dB depending on what Wi-Spy you are using..

    If your interested checkout these threads:

    Chanalyzer 4 -

    900MHz stuff -

    Chanalyzer Lab -

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    from their blogpost on Jan 28th this year, they said,

    "Currently Chanalyzer automatically adjusts the Wi-Spy settings when you change frequency bands, but finer-grained control is coming soon in Chanalyzer Pro and Chanalyzer Lab (currently in private beta)."

    it has been over 10 months now, looks like that's probably not going to happen....

    The sad things is, we're using wi-spy for academic purposes. Chanalyzer pro seems like it has the most features among all of the Chanalyzers, but so far, it hasnt really been helping us as much as the Chanalyzer Lab. Now, we just make to make sure that we can finish our experiments before the trial period expires


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