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    Hi all,

    I've only recently bought a Wi-Spy 2.4x in response to some potential interference problems I may be having. That aside however, the biggest problem I'm having is related to how chanalyzer works.

    I'll try to explain. Please find attached a recording of wireless activity taken approx. 3 metres from a HP Procurve Radio Port 230. The channel that the laptop was connected to is 11. My laptop is running Windows 7.

    It appears to me that the network adapter in my laptop (Intel 3945) is broadcasting, i.e. looking for an alternative network. This I believe is the reason behind the random spikes shown on the recording from the start.
    So...after 30 seconds I restarted the WLAN Autoconfig service. As you can see the spikes stop as if the network adapter has stopped scanning for an alternative network.
    Now the thing that puzzles me...after another 30 seconds I open another Chanalyzer window in the background...strangely the spikes return.

    Can anybody explain why or what's happening...I'm confused.


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    Chanalyzer is using your built in wireless network card to gather the SSID information from surrounding Access points. I believe this is what you are seeing. You can tell Chanalyzer to stop gathering the SSID information by clicking on the stop button next to your wireless adapter in Chanalzyer.

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    Yes, that's really obvious now you've pointed that out.

    Thank you very much for your reply - much appreciated.


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    You're very welcome. Glad to help.


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