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    Default Creating a basic tutorial

    I'm in the early stages of developing a basic tutorial on how to evaluate a WiFi location, and more importantly, understand the 2.4 GHz slice of the RF spectrum.

    My goals are teaching the basic operation of the software, explaining why only three channels are used, and a bit more if I have time. I'll be using the AirHorn WiFi generator to ensure each location has repeatable results. (After performing a site survey.)

    So far I've downloaded the PDF of instructions to get started. Are there any other documents out there that might be helpful for showing the basic operation of Chanalyzer 4?

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    We have a document for Chanalzyer Pro that covers a lot of the same features that Chanalzyer 4 has. Such as Density, waterfall, and network views. It might be helpful.

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    Thanks Rich, that's the doc that got me started.
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    If you have some specific questions you can email them to There are also some pretty good vidoes on our website as well as youtube in regards to Chanalzyer.


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