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Thread: Lines, Lines, Lines????

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    Default Lines, Lines, Lines????

    Anyone able to help with this one...

    It is pick up in an industrial area where we manage a mesh network.

    Its only picked up within a about a 1km square radius and seems to have a rendered channel 1 useless for any devices wanting to use this channel???

    I'm talking about the diagonal lines not the cordless phone on 2414.


    ShaneClick image for larger version. 

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    Hello Shane,

    It is hard to say for sure. Would it be possible to attach a recording or send the recording to


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    Could you please upload a larger & clearer image with regard ti the Density view/topographic view. Or a recording.

    Just taking a stab at it it looks like it is 10 MHz wide and OFDM or DSSS modulation. Could be a back-haul of some sort, like a Motorola Canopy or Alvarion BreezeAccess VL ? looks a lot like 802.11, but since channel size if different probably a proprietary manufacture spec. Most RFID reader Ive run into will tend to use the whole band so I don't think it is that.. But it is definitely not a machine or that sort of thing making interference... The line suggest otherwise to a very specific modulation type..



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