Hi just joined and need some basic help please.
I understand the best way to reduce interference is to attempt to be 5 channels away from my neighbour etc but:

1. How do I know which SSID is my neighbour? Do I sort the view by RSSI and assume the RSSI closest to mine is my neighbour/most likely to cause interference.
2. I use a BT HomeHub. When I change channels in my hub settings it changes 3 mac addresses channel nos in Inssider: - BT HomeHub/BTFON/BT Openzone? Are all these three mine? I know the HomeHub is but not sure what the other two are?
3. I am using VISTA. In 'Network' it shows 2 x BT HomeHubs with the same mac address?
4. In Inssider the three mac addresses are only one letter apart (last letter) but this letter does not match the 2 HomeHubs in 'Network' mac address in VISTA. Its one letter out?

Thanks in advance for your help and apologies if basic questions.