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Thread: Strange full spectrum burst transmission.

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    Default Strange full spectrum burst transmission.

    Hey guys I live out in the middle of nowhere Wyoming, and I have noticed a strange signal on one side of town does any have a clue why I see a full spectrum burst, at first I figured it was some background noise but then i noticed that it happens at a set time interval so it is for sure a artificial signal

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    Hi, loganh. Sounds interesting. Any way you could attach a recording or even a screenshot?

    Does it look like this?:
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    Attached is a screen shot that shows a few burst signals from last night, the 20MHz signal centered on 2435 is a Motorola Canopy AP at this distance its a bit out of range but can still be heard.

    The signals that concern me are the blue strips shown on the waterfall in the center. because at times they are so strong they can disconnect clients from the canopy.

    the fat multi color block that can be seen in the time span waterfall on the left happened during the short time I had my internal in WiFi card enabled. the rest of the time I had the internal WiFi card disabled.

    I don't have a recording of it but I have seen this burst signal as loud as -80 dBm at this time I am not sure where the transmitter or the receiver are located
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    Where were you during this scan? What kind of buildings are around?

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    during that scan I was near the town hall and county court house near the center of town across the street from the public Library..

    about an hour ago after talking with a contact at the county engineering department.

    I learned that it could possibly be something to do with county/town water system.
    because that communications system uses a burst transmission he did not know what band it was in however. acting on this lead I Drove out to one of the reservoirs.

    parked next to the pumping station, and waited. and eventually it happened see attached
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