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Thread: Unclear when losing Wifi signal to network

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    Default Unclear when losing Wifi signal to network

    I have opened inSSIDer 2.0 and found a bunch of networks
    For each network i see the MAC address, SSID, RSSI, channel and other info.

    I assume that RSSI is the strength of the signal.
    I have two networks who both have -66 in RSSI
    The line next to it is flat as no changes in RSSI is occuring.
    However only one of the networks is still visible when looking at the graph.

    Why is the RSSI still showing as -66 when my wireless card does not have any contact with it anymore?
    In my logic the SSID should be marked as red or something to indicate lost connection.

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    It will report the last seen RSSI. If you unplugged it, inSSIDer has no value to add. You will see the "last seen" column no longer updates.

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    Ok, i understand then. However it does not give a good overview of the networks since i then have to look at "last seen" and compare it to current time.
    In my opinion it would be nice if the network could be colored red or similar to indicate that it is no longer in range.

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    Default Try Quick Filters

    If you only want to see current signals, try using the filters in the tabs below. e.g.:

    Filters > Quick Filters > Age > 5 seconds

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    Default Same problem - AP don't dissapear

    The 5 seconds also don't work for me. I have the same problem - the accespoint does not dissapear when switched off.

    Any ideas?

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    @ Specialist-

    The access points will not disappear when switched off. Did you try using the filters to only view active networks?



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