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Thread: Release notes for the latest firmware update?

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    Default Release notes for the latest firmware update?

    I just updated Chanalyzer to version, and there was also a firmware update for my WiSpy. I saw the release notes for Chanalyzer but I am very curious to what changes were made to the firmware.

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    The last (and only) firmware update happened in January. Maybe you haven't updated Chanalyzer since the version previous to that, so you were prompted to update now?

    We sent an announcement out at the time via email to everyone signed up for the newsletter explaining the update. If you'd like to have that sent to you, send a message to support requesting it. (MetaGeek> Contact Us)

    But basically, the firmware update allowed the Wi-Spy DBx to provide more detailed data to Chanalyzer, improving the visibility of:

    Frequency-hopping signals (i.e. Bluetooth)
    Packet-based signals (i.e. Wi-Fi, ZigBee)


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