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    Hello. I am using Chanalyzer Pro and have the Device Finder. What are the general steps in tracking down a device and what are the visual indications in the display to reference?

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    Thank you for the question. I address a few steps in using the Device Finder in the Evaluation Guide. You'll find the device finder section at the bottom of the document.

    A few things I try to mention to users. The device finder works best with analog narrow band transmitters, meaning something that is constantly transmitting at a single frequency range. Transmissions that are bursty, or packet-based, have varying amplitude levels based on the amount of data throughput. The inconsistent amplitude levels mixed with client activity can be a vary tricky process to tracking down interference.

    To find Rogue Access Points, you can attach the antenna to the Wi-Fi network adapter (assuming your nic has a rp-sma antenna connection) and use the networking feature (or inSSIDer) for directional device finding.

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    Is their a way to determine any info about device in the Device Finder (its mac addr, etc)? Also, is the device found in the Device Finder tab always considered an offending device?

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    Mac address discovery is limited to layer 2 analysis. This requires a packet analyzer. The Device Finder in Chanalyzer and Wi-Spy is designed to be a interference troubleshooting tool. Meaning, a non-wi-fi transmitting device is broadcasting on the same channel as a WLAN and it needs to be found and turned off.

    The Wi-Spy is not capable of reading anything at the packet layer. This means Wi-Fi activity is considered the same as microwave activity, noise. The Wi-Spy has a few views to help you determine which is which, but there is no layer 2 analysis in Chanalyzer.


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